Pattern Occurring View - kaleidoscopic

To this day there are not many things i love more than gazing into a kaleidoscope, watching the patterns occurring and shift.  Every turn makes a new and brilliant pattern. Such patterns are not designed they just happen due to the structure and movement.

As far as I'm concerned Alexander McQueen's Atlantis collection from Spring 2010 was avant-garde and pioneering in this field. The day I saw the runway shot from was magical for me.  My eyes got wide in the same way as they did when I was a child gazing through the Kaleidoscope.  Now be sure of this, I am not saying these prints were not designed they truly were.  The symmetry of the human body is emphasized with the garments and their mirrored prints.  Since 2010 these Reflective photographic digital prints have been rehashed for every product group.  This is one of those trends that I feel the ship has finally sailed on.  Yes we all loved it and it was novel and radical, but now is over done, tired and burned out. I have even coined it as the 'poor-man's repeat'. As any tom, dick or harry can create a kaleidoscope print in minutes with photographic images.  To show how easy it is, I created a few using a simple App on my phone, when I was walking the dog today.  I guess... I just want to encourage talented textile and surface designers to look beyond the simple and get back to the craft of beautifully flowing print repeats and motif design.  You're better than that!