Pattern Occurring Picks - Beach Towels

With the crazy (for Seattle) weather coming this weekend, 90F! i'll be making my way down to my local beach by the lake. So what better time then to share with you all my 'Pattern Occurring Picks' for beach towels.  It's not really surprising that the Aussies have the lion's share, with my personal favorite, the innovative Zebra hide towel.  Here are my favs that cover every trend.

Pattern Occurring Featured - Rob Ryan

Hands down Rob Ryan has been one of the champions of surface design this century. His medium of choice is paper cutting and screen printing, and he was really the first artist to pioneer the resurgence of the paper cutting craft.  Rob has collaborated with the likes of Paul Smith and created various album and book covers. I have always loved Rob's work due to it's conversational quality. Each piece of art is steeped with rich narrative. Rob's work features several reoccurring elements and themes such as love, marriage, birth and life in the city. His work never fails in taking you to a place of simplicity and warmth filled with real human experience.

If you would like to see more of Rob's studio life be sure to look at designs sponge's post on his studio.

rob ryan.jpg
I also have a question regarding the origins of the art on the Starbucks Red Cup.  Is this a Rob Ryan creation?  Anyone know???

I also have a question regarding the origins of the art on the Starbucks Red Cup.  Is this a Rob Ryan creation?  Anyone know???

Hello Seattle!

Edward Juan is the artist behind the website Forest & Waves.  Simply all of his work is inspired by the lifestyle of outdoor recreation.  Forest for hiking on mountains, and Waves for surfing on the ocean.  Born on the southern coast of Taiwan, raised in Toronto, educated in New York & Los Angeles.  When Edward is not designing he is biking and hiking across the globe.

In the past he's worked for Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Laika, misc. ad agencies, etc.  Currently he is a freelancer.

He resides in Vancouver, BC.  Canada


A Book By It's Cover

A great book really does need a fantastic cover! We all do it, it is natural to judge a book by it's cover. 

Coralie Bickford-Smith has gained huge notoriety for her designs for Penguin Books.  She studied typography and graphic communication at university and is in my opinion a ace surface designer.  I really appreciate her ultra modern use of colour.  Her colour choices are innovative while remaining refined.  Her graphics are polished while still nostalgic.