The Art of Tommy Bahama

Hello, it's me (said in an Adelle style). I was delighted to be featured on Tommy Bahama's webpage.  I think it goes to show how much they value textile design, when they choose to showcase the craft of design.  

When joining I was blown away by the talent, expertise and precision of my team. At Tommy Bahama, time is actually given to make and refine designs, which results in a higher standard of work! That is something that i've always valued, labored drawing.  I find it barmy when i've worked elsewhere with textile designers who do not like to draw or who do not make the time to draw. Shocking! I believe if you don't take that time to develop and refine your drawing, that it results in poor repeats and overly simple motifs, so sad. 

The tag line for Tommy Bahama is "make life one long weekend". So far? yep this is as good as it gets, drawing and painting tropical flowers for a living.  Only occupational hazard is i want to go to all the tropical destinations.