Pattern Occurring - Should I work In-House or Freelance?

2015 was a rather unexpected change for me. I had a successful freelance business working with clients like Anthropologie, Mod Cloth and Lands' End.  However I got 3 calls from different people on the same day telling me i should apply for this particular temporary job in Seattle.  I was so not interested especially when the woman that interviewed me 2 days later was dressed as a witch.  I didn't put two and two together that it was halloween that weekend.  I just thought "Oh hello, yet another bonkers Brit trying to be arty." When i was offered the position i thought "what have i got to loose?" If i hate it i can leave. Oh and yes i did hate the first few weeks, change is hard. Fast forward a month and i was hoping that the team would keep me on a permeant basis and the witch and her team were treating me like a valued team member. Gosh that felt splendid, i had truly missed prattling on all day while i designed.  

So you may be in a similar situation, asking yourself should i go it alone or jump into employment? Here were my reasons to return to employment. I hope this helps you in your decision.  

1. Community - Being part of a team

2. A Desire To Learn - As a freelancer you need to go in, preform your task and hand over the deliverables.  From my experience clients are busy and have very little time or desire to invest in your personal growth.

3. Follow Your Work To Production - When working independently as a contract freelancer it is very rare that you get to see or hear where your designs end up.  In house you get to see strike-offs, samples and fashion show.  You can get direct feedback from the buyers, all of which is educating and exciting.

4. Be Given A Review And Goals To Work Towards - Sounds funny, as most people might dread review time.  I myself hadn't had one since 2008 so it was odd at first, but I feel reviews are essential to growth. This process gave me tangible goals i needed to achieve over the following 12 months. Onward and upward!

5. PTO: Payed Time Off! - What is that? I hadn't had that in 8 years. Guilt free vacation. 

6. Benefits - This is not something you civilized folks in the UK don't need to worry about as much, but here the struggle is real, healthcare insurance is required to survive. 

7. Simplicity and rhythm - From my experience freelance can be feast of famine.  You can be traveling all over to work with various clients. Now I love knowing where my desk is and what the expectations are. Life can get very complicated. Not to mention direct deposits every fortnight. That is music to my ears.

8. Christmas and birthday parties -  Need i say more?