Pattern Occurring POV - Pantone Color Of The Year, Marketing Gimmick?

Pantone is a part of my every day life.  I start each day with a china pantone mug of tea made to the perfect shade of Pantone 16-1331. I am admittedly colour obsessed and trained at the Pantone Color Institute a few years ago. I am a fan and could not do my job with out the aid of my trusty Pantone swatch books. I also start to get impatient when the year comes to a close because i want to know who will be THE NEXT PANTONE COLOR OF THE YEAR......

If you haven't had your head up your bum, you wouldn't have failed to notice that 2016 had two colors for the first time. Serenity and Rose Quarts. I am a fan and had been seeing these colors frequently since the Gucci 2014 A/W collection.

For me these colors were not new to fashion but were new to high street fashion and especially as make up colors. I had my bets placed else where until i heard that pantone was releasing a new book of additional 210 colors.  Then i knew Aha! Pantone wants to sell this new book, hence this would be where the color of the year would come from.  Call me cynical, i just know that innovation is what drives commerce or rather commerce is driving the need to be "different/innovative". Hence i doubt that core colors will ever be the pantone color of the year.  Every line is going to have a classic blue, camel, black or grey. You can always buy such items but "for this year only you can purchase a fetching shade of blue lippy!" Even if the color of the year is just a marketing gimmick to make each year feel different, i still love the game of anticipation and prediction.