Pattern Occurring Features - Rebekah Ginda

One of my first Seattle friends was the jubilant and free spirited Rebekah Ginda, who at the time was falling in love with a real life clown from Germany.  Rebekah has had quite a journey since then and has actually moved over to Germany and created a beautiful family of clowns and a successful freelance business.  I am so proud to be featuring her here today. She is a real gem and if you ever need a great children's surface designer she is one of the most creative and professional i know.  Thanks for inspiring us Rebekah! 

Rebekah Ginda

Anne Marie - Tell us a little about your work?

Rebekah - I am an East Coast girl, who lived many years in Seattle and is now based out of Germany and working as textile designer and illustrator under the name Rebekah Ginda Design.  What I primarily do is draw whimsical and colorful prints for fabric yardage and apparel companies. My illustrations can also be found on a variety of home and lifestyle products from companies with whom I license my designs, and I have a small stationery line, "Rae Schame" which I self produce and sell in my online shop and in select boutiques in Berlin.  


Anne Marie - How do you connect with prospective clients?

Rebekah - I go with the method: "Leave no stone unturned."  That means sending out cold emails or calling companies on the phone to introduce myself.  I find many companies online or by taking note of the manufacturers of the cute products I see while I'm shopping.  I also visit trade shows and always try to expand my network with a big smile and a voice of confidence even when I feel clueless.


Anne Marie - What tips do you have for designers with small children? How do you keep a good work life balance? 

Rebekah - Do I keep a good work/life balance?  Some days I totally think so, other days I feel like I'm slacking off in the mom department or slacking off in the work department.  Let's be honest - both jobs require total dedication and commitment, and its important to remember that its okay not to be perfect!  

My best advice is to only work when you can actually concentrate on it.  If you are trying to draw with one hand, and in the other hand are holding a baby who is pouring out all your paperclips onto your desk and won't be happy until she is allowed to play with your scissors, you are not going to get anything productive done and will just be frustrated.  So play with your Little One and in your head you can be working on wording an email you need to write, or coming up with ideas for your next print.  And then when baby is sleeping or in someone else's arms you can sit down, focus,  and do exactly what you need to do since its now well thought out.  An hour of focused work will have much better results than a morning of distracted work.


Rebekah ginda

Anne Marie - What inspires you? Who are your favourite bloggers/designers?

Rebekah - I am inspired by sunny days, retro color palettes, and things that are cuter than they need to be just for the sake of it.  My favorite designers have distinct illustrative styles and play with fun color combinations.  On the list are Helen Dardik, Heather Ross, Charley Harper, Kurt Halsey, Arnaud Boutin...the list goes on and on.   Thank goodness for Pinterest so I can keep so much pretty illustration in one place!

Anne Marie -What is the best business advice you've ever been given?

Rebekah - Specifically business advice?  I'm not really sure. But right before I was about to graduate High School and unsure if Fashion Design in college was what I should study, a teacher told me, "Rebekah, there isn't always a "right" decision and a "wrong" decision.  Sometimes you just need to make a decision and then follow it with your whole heart."  This advice has given me the confidence to make many tough calls, knowing that my dedication to what I wanted is what would make it be the "right" thing to do.

rebekah ginda