Pattern Occurring View - Instagram

If you are a follower of pattern occurring on instagram you will know how much i LOVE it.  I am posting several times daily.  I'm pretty sure this is due to the fact i love imagery over words.  Instagram is so quick and simple, so with great power comes great responsibility... Instagram is a powerful tool, it can almost instantly define your brand or service if you are focussed with your content. My personal stance is that if your Instagram account is tied to your brand/business 95% of your content should be about your product or services and the remanding 5% can be more personal (warning don't drink and instagram).  For example, it'll be rare if you see me posting many selfies.  I'm not saying don't do this from time to time.  Selfies can put a face to the brand and that makes it feel more accessible to your customer, but my business is not my face, it's the value i provide. Lastly this is a lesson i need to take heed of, # with care.  Make sure you say what is in the picture and other key words that your brand stands for.  I often add in the color (colour), textiles, trend, pattern and design as that is what i'm in the business of doing. I'm sure if i #MileyCyrus i may get more likes but unless Miley starts wearing beautiful Pattern Occurring dresses i feel it is best to steer clear. 

Anne Marie Jackson-trend-forecaster Textile and Surface Designer.jpg