Pattern Occurring View - Using This Color Will Increase Sales!

Love it or hate it?  I have had several clients talk to me about 2014's color of the year 'Radiant Orchid'. Some are wanting to add it to their color stories for next year or later this year.  I believe this color has big commercial potential as it appeals to the updated classic femme customer, and not just the mainstream paint brushing of 'all girls love pink' customers too.

The cool blue undertones makes you question "is this a pink or purple?"  It echoes the uncertain times of 2008 when the color of the year was 'Blue Iris' which was equally bordering blue or purple?  Society is rapidly shifting and changing, so it is no wonder Pantone declared Radient Orchid the color of 2014. A color that is changable and debatable.

I have however shared my view—with some clients—that it is not always appropriate for their particular market as a solid color.  For one, it doesn't really flatter all skin tones as a solid. Also if your product is not targeted at the right customer it may not be the color for their brand.  I have however been able to let clients partake in this color trend by using it as a pop color in a pattern, or as a recommendation for a trim.  I have also advised that many of their competion will be using this color too, so what is their take on it, what is going to make them stand out in the market? I have then steered them in a more brand appropriate tone in the family of Radiant Orchid, which has allowed them to satisfy the merchant/buyer driven design needs, but also still be creative and different. 

I'm glad to hear Leatrice Eiseman describe Radiant Orchid as "inspiring confidence, joy, love and health", that sounds like a change everyone can be on board with. Let me know your thoughts, what colors are you loving, working with consistently and what's your possible predictions for 2015 color of the year.