Pattern Occurring View - Get A Job

I have worked as a freelancer for almost 7 years which has served me well.  It has given me the flexibility I needed and enabled me to meet a vast number of new clients here in the USA.  In fact i am rather well networked and know wonderful 'design type' people i can now call friends.  I have also been able to have the luxury of taking time to find my visual voice and know that i can create briefs, concepts and final product for myself.  

Yet this autumn has been horrifically lonely.  I miss having co-workers that i see regularly and share life with.  I am also a little sick of the 'feast or famine' flow of work.  Something regular sounds nice for a bit. So i have done the task i have put off for years—yep since 2009, shameful i know—I made a new resume/cv.  On one hand a resume seems so out dated, with most designers having their own websites and Linkedin profiles, but i am finding you still gotta have one.  No-one is too fancy to not, and most portals for job applications are buggy to say the least.  Have you seen what they do when they grab your info from Linkedin?  It is like they shake it up and dump it wherever, whilst adding a lot of extra characters. So my suggestion is if you want to look like you have your stuff together knuckle down and make a good old fashion resume/cv.  

Anne Marie Jackson Textile Designer Trend Forecaster

It is actually a great process to go through.  To see how far you've come and what you have to offer.  This is something that is hard to take stock of when you work for yourself.  You don't get annual reviews or much feedback on your work. I felt rather accomplished once it was done and it looked pretty.  So now to get it out their and maybe I can find a job that can also snag me an invite to a Christmas party.  A freelance holiday party for one is rubbish!