Happy Labor Day Weekend

For all you Brits, Labor Day is our bank holiday at the end of the summer.  For most it is their last chance to go camping or take a trip to the beach before the weather changes. Here at Pattern Occurring we are taking off too until September 12!  FYI that is not very American of me!  Most folks over here only get 10 vacation days a year.   So I am holding firm to my British roots regarding vacation time.  This will be my first break since starting Pattern Occurring in November 2012.   Please come back and get your fix of Pattern Occurring View, 101's, featured designers, picks, colour and trend.  Peace out laborers world wide. Remember to create a pattern of rest and relaxation with family/friends.  Honestly this practice will invigorate and elevate your creativity. See you September 12th.

polka dot relax.jpg