Pattern Occurring View - Design For Free

Hi folks! Last week I instagramed a quick graphic I made and had a huge response from people. I guess many of you designers are facing the same challenges of being asked to design for free. I would like to share my views on this matter that may help you deal with clients that are have this ask. You do not need to share this with the client, but it may help you make a choice and feel confident with that decision or why not send them a link to this article and i can be the bad guy, hee hee.


1. You are being asked to do something because you have a skill they need. You probably have been working on your craft for years maybe taking student loans to further your education.  You are entitled to be paid.

2. When you work for free you are not covering your expenses, materials, studio space rent, child care or electricity needs. There is a lot to consider. Weighing this up before you get yourself into debt is a wise move. 

3. The people who often ask for this kind of 'free' work, often promise publicity as a kickback.  This rarely pays offs.  

4. Working for free not only devalues your work but other designers too.  This is a larger problem so be considerate.

Lastly I am not saying you need to charge for every project. You will have "love projects" like designing your friends wedding invites or a design for a non profit.  In fact i budget for 2- 3 projects like this a year.  I do encourage an attitude of giving, but not at your financial demise.  One of my close friends who has a successful photography business gave me some simple but good advice.  If it's a project you really want to do, tell them your rate and then give them a discount and factor in your expenses to this. Great tip Heather thanks!