Pattern Occurring - Colour Me Happy Purple

There is a long line of purple lovers in my family. Literally purple is my dad's, son's and hubbies favourite colour. I even have to do a special purple wash on laundry days. 

When I worked in London people assured me that Americans were purple haters.  Well not so in Seattle. Our University colours are purple and gold. GO DAWGS! (our college football team, not that i really care). Purple can be tricky as the purple black combo can be a little goth/halloween.  No, no not pretty : (  Here are some more on trend ways to use purple in your prints.  Happy purple patterns occurring folks!

 Anne Marie Jackson trends colour me happy purple

 Anne Marie Jackson trends colour me happy purple

1. Airbrushed tropical print - Personal Vintage Swatch Anne Marie Jackson library

2. Custom painted luggage - Mirage Design

3. The Home Garden magazine July 1947

4. Liberty phone cover

5. Lily Stone China - Dusty Miller Antiques