Pattern Occurring Picks - Blanket Day

The last 2 days the weather forgot to play nice.  Come on now! It's meant to be Summer for a minute more. Yes i'm greedy (as we have had 5 months of sun which is not typical in this part of the world), but i'm still refusing to wear trousers, tights or closed toe shoes while admittedly freezing at my desk in the mornings.  So the good old snuggie is the only way forward! P.S. someone please help them with their prints.

Anyway i have a real issue when it comes to blankets i can't stop myself from buying them.  If they look good they can be as itchy as hell, i don't care.  My husband keeps hiding them away in my laundry cupboards.  So rude!  Do you horde any patterned textiles?

Confessions please.