Pattern Occurring Colour Me Happy - Kitsap Green

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the most hipster Seattle wedding EVER. Being married were my close friends Naomi and Vuti Tabtiang.  For starters the wedding was held at the new Seattle downtown Mars Hill Church with a Mumford style folk band.  I was in bliss AND it gets better..... The reception was held over on the Kitsap peninsular at the Kitsap Memorial State Park.

1. You have too get on a ferry (i love water, boats, clear skies and sun).

2. The reception was in a forest, how enchanting.

3. Naomi had decorated and made everything herself #talented lady.

4. They had food trucks, both gourmet crepes and parfait ice cream.  

To top it off we got to camp after the reception with a beautiful bright moon.  It is no wonder I am feeling all the shades of green.  Green is the most relaxing colour for the eye so I am going to spur you on to take a restoring and refreshing walk.  Or even better, sleep outside! Crank up Ben Howard's Old Pine and get your greens.

 Anne Marie Jackson  Pattern Occurring colour me happy - Kitsap Forest

 Anne Marie Jackson  Pattern Occurring colour me happy - Kitsap Forest

1. Green patterned floor tiles by sososimps

2. Green Striped Sweater Plumo

3. 'Ardienne' Sham by Poetic Wonderlust

4. Kitsap Forest - Anne Marie Jackson

5. Street style green mixing