Anna Maria Garthwaite

Confession time...... I can be very in my head at times.  Thinking of all the things I wish to do and be.  During my time working in Spitalfield London, I had a reoccurring day dream.  Ok it is silly, so please don't judge me for it.  It was of walking in the same steps as one of the great Textile designers, Anna Maria Garthwaite. So you can see why that started right? Similar names and working in the same part of London. Anna Maria Garthwaite 1690-1763 was a freelance textile designer of silk in Spitafield.  During her working life she created over 1000 designs many of which are housed in the V&A london.  She is best known for her bold demasks and floral brocades.  I LOVE her work, it is timeless and sensitive.  I love that she was a successful business women of her day, and is still valued for her contribution to Textile design.