Linda Florence-Tattershall Castle

I adore the work of Linda Florence.  She is typically known for her wallpapers but this is a surface I haven't worked with before, lawn. This 50 meter elaborate carpet drawing was cut into the grass of the National Trust property, Tattershall Castle.  The prominent shadows cast by the great tower of the castle as the sun passed over the inner ward captivated my imagination on my first visit.  When the central lawn is viewed from above, the shadows cast give a sense of the grand architecture of the now solitary tower in the flat Lincolnshire landscape. The patterns were inspired by the decorative ornate forms which cover the ceramic and glass found in the excavation of the site. The ephemeral nature of cutting the patterns into the lawn has meant that the outlines appear and disappear leaving no trace of the detail and time invested in the slow cutting of the grass.   

Screen shot 2013-04-24 at 1.28.36 PM.png