Leatrice Eiseman

Yesterday at Church someone asked me what my favourite colour was? HA! can of worms or what! When I was about 7, I decided truth be told, yes I loved pink but I actually loved all colours equally. Even brown!  This was a bold statement in the 1980's when Care Bears and My Little pony ruled.  I had realized what an amazing gift colour is. All this love of colour really has guided be through my career.  I have been lucky enough to head up colour for both Nordstrom BP and Eddie Bauer.  Even now I work on a freelance basis for many clients researching and intuitively pulling colour stories and collections together for them.  It is always the easiest part of design for me and a life long love affair. 

Two years ago I was introduced to Leatrice Eiseman who is a colour specialist and prime consultant to Pantone®. She has helped many companies make the best and most educated choice of colour for product development, logos and identification, brand imaging, web sites, packaging, point of purchase, interior/exterior design or any other application where colour choice is critical. Working in this field She is also a fantastic historian of colour and it's application.  Her most recent book is a great read Pantone: The Twentieth Century in Color.