Ode to Nature

It has been beautiful here in Seattle the past few days.  This is really one of the best places where you can appreciate creation. Below are a few more wonders to inspire.

I think a good surface designer can make any motif into a commercial design, example?  I just sold a design with a huge parrot on it, odd but beautiful. I feel there are less and less unusual or unique designs out there, truthfully there are hundreds of great designers out there making floral prints just derived from runway. Boring!!!! Who wants another knock off Dries Van Noten print?  I'm sure the DVN's print designers are getting out there, finding great new inspiration and not creating bad knock offs.  Also remember nobody can do what you do.

So what is it that gets you inspired to draw?  Please Like Pattern Occurring on Facebook and post some of your favourite nature photos.

With that I'm off to create some fun conversational prints. Chat soon