Pattern Ocurring!

During the summer i attended a 2 day workshop aimed at identifying important drivers (the "Big rocks") in my life. It turns out, I have 4 big rocks, one of which is creativity. This caused me to make some seriously scary choices, none more so than leaving my super secure and cushy cooperate design job. The reason? to enable me to truly embrace that passion and have more creative freedom. 

When considering my next step i had a million things rushing around my head, many untrue and irrational. One though, has really helped me boil down to the essence of what i am about.  I am just one stone in a vast ocean of talent. So what sets me and my blog apart in this saturated forum?  I am the same as a lot of women; I like pretty things, food and family.  However, i do have a focused knowledge, passion and voice concerning the discipline of Textile Print and Surface Design.

This stems from my 4 year degree (in purely 'Printed Textiles and Surface Design'), 3 years of working for fashion print studios in London and 7 years of In-house and external consulting as a textile designer.  So yes, i'm very specific and proud of it. Print and pattern permeates my everyday life; from the clothes i wear, the wallpaper hanging in every room of our home, the vintage treasures i shop for, to creating the unique prints for my clients and their products.  

This is what i call pattern occurring.