Pattern Occurring 101 - Color

I have always said that 'a product is always noticed by the customer because of it's color or/and pattern'.  This is what initially draws them in and makes the first impression.  That is why color & pattern is so vital to many of my clients.  I spend a lot of time keeping up with with trends and finding the best color for their context.  It also lets my clients know  i am an expert in these fields if i can share some history or background knowledge.

I just listened to a fantastic podcast from Stuff You Missed in History Class on the history of color and thought i should share. Enjoy and keep educating yourself!

Stuff you missed in history class color

Pattern Occurring Trends- On Your Bike!

Since the 1990's there has been an obvious global macro trend of concern for the environment and many micro trends have come about due to this.  One of those manifestations has been the move towards riding bicycles and reducing the impact of cars.  Many cities such as Paris, London and San Francisco all have city rental bikes, that you can pick up and drop off at various locations.  Absolutely genius, as this reduces congestion, pollution and supports wellness! Killing not 2, but 3 birds with one stone. 

Bicycle trend

Also there has been a huge increase in customization and innovation in bike design.  Most recently Teague - the original design consultancy has revealed their urban utility bike the Denny which you can vote for in the oregon manifest bike design project. I could go on but clearly there is an obvious pattern occurring here. Bicycles are big!

The Denny Bike by Teague

The Denny Bike by Teague

Francois Duris Peugeot bike
custom wrapped bicycle

That being said fashion always has to have a play with such trends and in fact I have created several bicycle prints for fabrics. The icon itself is really charming and conjures up wonderfully nostalgic childhood feelings. So move on over florals and make way for the cyclists. 

bicycle tee
flavor paper petal pusher
mckinley weekender bicycle
ikat bicycle print