Pattern Occurring Trends - Pre Fall 2015

What does this time of year have to offer? No not rain and cheep chocolates...More Fashion! I tell you there are some amazing patterns out there to feast your eyes on.  Here are some breath taking ones from Pre Fall that will really warm the cockles of one's heart.  Now i'm ready for the Autumn/Winter Collections. Starting the count down.

Alice & Olivia, Bottega Vaneta, Markus Lupfer, Matthew Williamson, Temperley, Valentino, Paul+Joe and Miu Miu  

Busy as a Bee!

Since November i have been as busy as a bee and it feels good.  Even so, i have missed the community that blogging brings, so i thought i'd jot down a few lines and share some of my Pattern Occurring loves from ASOS. You know i love my dresses. The sad thing is there are no funds in my clothing budget for February. Blast you Dave Ramsey you don't understand the cost of working in the fashion industry!!!! If only i could purchase some of these...

Happy Dressember

I can not express how much i hate Movember.  My husband grows what he calls the Norwegian Whisper GROSS (hope he doesn't come next year)! However Dressember is something i can get onboard with.  

What began in 2009 as a quirky style challenge with a clever name spread like wildfire. Dressember is a month of wearing dresses, but it is so much more. At its core, Dressember is an embracing of the inherent freedom and feminity of all women.

In 2013, Dressember took on new meaning: opposing the worldwide trafficking and exploitation of women. In its first year as a fundraising campaign, Dressember aligned with International Justice Mission, a human rights organization that works to rescue victims of slavery, sexual exploitation, and other forms of violent oppression. Those who participate in Dressember are supporting the abolition of modern day slavery. In its first year of fundraising, Dressember had 1,233 registered participants in 32 countries across 6 continents.

Anyhow, i love me some dresses with chunky cardies, brightly colored tights with boots. The only rule, i have is, it has too have a pattern.  Here are some great ones from